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Code of Conduct

Athletic Code of Conduct Orange Center Elementary School
I understand that it is a privilege to participate on all athletic teams at Orange Center School. In signing this I am promising that I will:

  •  Maintain a 2.0 Grade Point Average.
  •  Not leave the school grounds before or after a game without notifying the coach.
  •  Tell a coach or leave a message if I will not be at practice.
  •  Bring a note from home for all missed practices.
  •  Not be able to practice if I do not participate in P.E.
  •  Be responsible for all items checked out to me.
  •  Be at practice to be able to participate in the next game.
  •  Have my uniform with me on game day. (No phone calls)
  •  Dress only in Orange Center uniform for games.
  •  Be dressed before release time for game.
  •  Be disciplined for behavior not becoming of school or team.
  •  Be eligible to practice and play.
  •  Not have any detentions or major bills ($10 or more) due before game time.
  •  Respect students, referees and coaches from other schools.
  •  Play the game with respect to the rules and with fair play.
  •  Stay with my team and coach at away games.
  •  Get permission from coach to go to restroom or snack bar.
  •  Not use profanity.
  •  Take responsibility to do my share when it comes to bringing out team gear to practice and games.
  •  Follow all rules for the team, set by the coach, at practices and at games.
  •  Follow all school rules.
  •  Have a parent sign me out with the coach if I am not going home on the bus.
  •  Be at school at least four periods on game days with a legal reason for any periods missed.
  •  Return all equipment and my uniform directly after my last game of the season or at the time that I become ineligible to participate.
  •  Be dismissed from the team if I miss three practices that are unexcused or without a note.
  •  Understand that if I quit the team after four weeks, I will not be able to play the next sport.

 Understand that if I get suspended from a sport because of behavior in that sport, I will not be eligible to play the next sport.


SIGNATURE OF ATHLETE______________________________________ Date: ___________


  SIGNATURE OF PARENT_______________________________________ Date: ___________

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